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Rubber Parts

- Gasket

- Seal

- Shielding Seal/Gasket

- O-Ring

- Washer

- Ear Plug

- Rubber Strain

- USB Rubber Cover

- Device Rubber Cover

- Rubber Roller

- Rubber Dust Cover

- Rubber Sleeve

- Rubber Watch Band

  Rubber Watch Strap

- Cushion / EVA / EPDM Foam / 

  CR Foam / Silicone Foam

- Rubber Feet (Molding or Die-Cut)

- Overmold with Nylon, TPE, Metal, PC


- Telecom Equipments / Devices

- Smart Home Devices

- Medical Equipment

- Payment Terminals

- Machinery 

- Control Panels 

- Automotive

- Audio and video equipment

- Water Proof, Dust Proof


Silicone Rubber, CR, NBR, EPDM, NR, Butyl, Viton

Rubber Bellows

Rubber Bar

Big Rubber Parts (Maxium Size: 500*500mm)

Rubber Gasket

Wiht Complex Constructure

Rubber Grommets

Rubber Feets

Withe 3M Tape at backside

Silicone Rubber Cover

To protect your device

Silicone Watch Band / Silicone Watch Strap

Colorable, Texture, Soft Touch

High Quality

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